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27 02 2010

Download free, a copy of this Google Adsense, is optimized templates. This includes the design space using the widget in the post area, the upper right sidebar and the lower left sidebar for the 3 most popular areas of the most frequently seen by visitors and the click, with laying the Google ads. Widget that uses HTML / Javascript page elements for ease of use.

Advertising space in the header is for the size 468 x 60 pixels, the upper right side is 336 x 280 and the lower left sidebar is 160 x 600. You can use a combination of text – image ads, or all text. The lower sidebar widgets can easily switch to one column left or right column if you prefer the archives and RSS subscribe links closer to the post by drag and drop elements on the page editor. with this template can increase ctr up to 85 percent, not bad.

Header background images easily replaced in a style sheet with the image of your choice, but must be sized to 930 x 150 pixels, or you can not use the header image and just set the background color for that section. The overall style of font and size that closely tailored to the size of the default ad text.




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